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Native American Art

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Art of the West

The history of the American West is a subject that has captured the imagination of people around the world and from all walks of life. For some the attraction may be the tales of heroic deeds of the pioneers, the native American warriors or their nemesis – the US Cavalry. For others perhaps the image of the American Indian as a wild and independent spirit, or simply the beauty and grandeuer of America’s western scenery.

There is a long tradition of artists capturing the scenes and deeds of the old west on canvas, and we are fortunate that so many of today’s fine artists continue this tradition. There are many truly fine works depicting the Native American life, wildlife and scenery of the western states, and a wide selection of pieces portraying the characters who populated the west in days past, and in some cases still do today.

We hope you will take a moment to view some of these Native American and Western art works here on our website, and perhaps allow us to assist in bringing a little of the old west into your home, or office.

Native American Art

Howard Terpning

Howard Terpning chronicles the history and stories of the American Plains Indians with unusual insight and exceptional detail. He began studying historic photographs of Native American Indians, fascinated by the differences among tribes. As his respect for them increased, so did his sense of duty to portray them as they really were.

Frank McCarthy

Frank McCarthy’s dynamic paintings frequently featured Native Americans with a special emphasis on the Plains Indian, mountain men and cavalry that comprised the lore and lure of the Old West. Frank McCarthy’s art works are treasured throughout the world as classic examples of contemporary Native American & Western Art.

James Bama

James Bama moved west to Wyoming, where an artist can trace the beginnings of Western history, and where he could be close to the Native American Indian culture. His portraits of the Native American inhabitants of the plains and mountains capture the true character of the West. James was inducted into the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame June 28, 2000.

Martin Grelle

Martin Grelle began drawing & painting when he was very young, and was fortunate to have James Boren & Melvin Warren, two professional artists and members of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America. His passion for the Old West is evident in the striking landscape he portrays in his Native American and western art.

Roy Grinnell

Roy enjoys a diverse and varied background in the arts, and his unique talent has given him an incredible opportunity to express himself in his paintings whether the subject is Native American art, aviation, western, and wildlife illustration. When you view Roy’s art, you will be amazed at his versatility.

R. Tom Gilleon

R. Tom Gilleon is best known for his paintings of Native American tipis illuminated from within by an evening fire, or from without by the haunting gleam of the setting sun. He traces his talent for creating these arresting light displays to his grandparent’s home: He is an artist of the Native American way of life and their history of conquest and survival.